Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve read through the site – but it’s just not clicking… How does this all work?
  1. Optio members are trained on best practices of accountability (aka – How to Show Up for Your People 101)

  2. Then you’re matched up with your Soul Sister using Optio’s innovative psychographic algorithm (or you have the option to choose your own partner)

  3. Partners then support each other over a period of 90 days, helping to set goals, hold each other accountable and really – unlocking their greatest potential… if you didn’t know this already: you have superpowers. No, really. You do.

Optio’s matching algorithm is really cutting edge. Optio Accountability Partners are people that you wouldn’t meet in your regular day-to-day. These partnerships are meant to not only push you toward your goals, but to open you up to new perspectives and experiences to seriously uplevel your success.

Girl – I am crazy busy. CRAZY busy. There’s no way I have time for an Accountability Partner.

Girl, we get it. We do. We’re mothers, students, sisters, daughters and wives. We’re multiple job working, holding the time clocks of our lives together by a thread kind of women. #WeDoAllTheThings. But here’s the BIG thing. Optio is designed to fit into your schedule and give you time back ten fold. Guided accountability is the epitome of self-care. Saying you don’t have enough time is really just saying that you are not placing yourself, or your personal development, as a priority. Take a look at your calendar. Where your time (and money) are going is one of the most accurate reflections of your true priorities.

The training that both you and your accountability partner receive will insure that your calls are efficient, productive and impactful. It’s not just a chat session. It’s intentionally designed to make the absolute most of your time and energy.
Your Guided Accountability partner will serve as a mirror for your blind spots – improving your efficiency and ability to prioritize what really matters to you in life. In addition to accountability, joining Optio unlocks a vault of information that enables you to get serious about your present and your future. Engaging in Guided Accountability means that you’re willing to reach out to embrace your potential. And girl… If not now: when? Life is happening no matter what you choose.


What makes Optio so special? Why can’t I just grab a friend and we hold one another accountable?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. You can! You can go grab a girlfriend and proclaim your accountability here and now. But I’m guessing you already know that. And I’m guessing you know where that goes. The long, winding road to no where. When you just chat with a friend and try to keep one another on track – you get distracted. There’s no structure. No system in place to keep you in check. It all spirals out of control. Fast. So what’s a girl to do?
Well… you can try on Optio’s ‘Self Matching’ framework. This is where you feel like you really do have a friend who could make a great accountability partner. And maybe you’re the rare unicorn that actually does. And if so – we are SUPER pumped for you. And you should be super pumped for you, too. Now you need a system for your accountability to be successful. So here’s what you do: Both you and your partner sign up for our self-paired matching system, and are trained in Guided Accountability. This is key. You’ll also both need the Guided Accountability Printed Planner to keep track of your life in between accountability sessions. You’re welcome to to handle your own matching and scheduling.  It COULD work. We HOPE it works for you. But, in our experience, for most people: it just doesn’t.

Why is it better to have Optio choose my accountability partner?

There’s a critical amount of integrity around Optio’s Matched Guided Accountability calls. They’re most likely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You’ll uncover things about yourself, and others, that you never dreamed possible. You’ll learn to let go of that nagging voice inside your head that’s been limiting your growth: always demanding perfection, squashing most progress. The voice that those who know you best may have already heard and bring with them to your pairing. And here’s the thing. Ladies, we were BORN to guide and nurture others. It’s in our biological coding. Optio gives you the space to exercise your natural gifts, while also reserving space for you to be restored yourself, in the same session. And without burning through your existing friendships or making you feel like you need to ‘save face’ in front of people you have to continue to do life with. Optio creates a structured conversation to be a mirror of your gifts times 10. Optio pairings go beyond friendship. They’ exist on a deeper level than our culture is typically exposed. Matched and Guided Accountability partner pairings are strategically aligned to unlock something inside you. They allow you to access a part of yourself that may have gone utilized until now. We are all limited or constrained in some way by our environments. Optio not only pulls out your strengths – but we can predict failures before they happen and, more importantly, help you extract all the lessons that failure provides, in an intimate, safe setting.

Why do you need me to take a personality test? Why does that even matter?

We are programmed from early childhood, especially as girls, to believe that we need to be better, to try harder and to discount parts of ourselves that others do not approve of. Our entire culture and education continually reminds us of how we can be more successful, desirable, secure, or spiritual…if we only changed in some way or other.

We have learned that we need to be different from how we actually are, according to some formula. (A formula, by the way, that seems to constantly change!) The idea that we simply need to discover and accept who we actually are is contrary to almost everything we have been taught. But accepting our personality type means seeing ourselves for what we really are. And allowing ourselves to be guided by our personality type leads us down the purposeful path we were meant for.

Seeing your personality type brings awareness. When you’re able to notice what you’re doing now, to experience your current state completely and without judgment, the old patterns will begin to fall away. (Seriously – it’s like magic!) Awareness is vitally important in the work of transformation because the habits of our personality let go most effectively when we see them as they are occurring. Analyzing past behavior can be helpful, but it is not as powerful as observing ourselves as we are in the present moment.
Your guided accountability partner will serve as a mirror, allowing you to tap more deeply into this awareness, and point out blind spots you may be missing throughout the process.


I’ve taken personality surveys before. How is Optio different?

Like many personality assessments and matching services, Optio starts with collecting data. You know – we ask you a bunch of questions, you answer them and then those answers are used to explain who you are and/or who you should be matched with.

Whether you’ve taken a personality assessment before (like Myers-Briggs, Strengths Finder, or DISC) or you’ve been matched with someone based on some series of questions (like eHarmony, or, etc), you already get the idea.

So, here’s what everyone else gives you: a generic understanding of your personality overall and a pairing that gives you more of the same.

Optio has created a transformational twist in that we use the same kind of data, but integrate it in a totally innovative way.

Instead of looking at all of your answers and deciding on who you would be most compatible with, we take all of your personality nuances and pair you with someone who is the most optimal match to help you grow.


How much time do I need to dedicate to Optio’s program?

The Guided Accountability Course is a self-paced online platform. You could do it in an afternoon or you could choose to break it up however you like: maybe one module a day and finish it up in a week? It’s up to you. Once you feel you’re ready to be matched – we ask that you give us a week to find you the perfect accountability partner for you. At that point you’ll use our custom designed and trademarked calendar app to find time on your calendars to meet weekly. You’ll meet through a custom video chat online – don’t worry, leave the techy stuff to us. You just click a link. The first meeting is usually an hour. The next 11 meetings will be about 45 minutes (held once a week per your calendar booking). The last meeting is usually about an hour, again. We ask that everyone respect these time constraints and we’ll pop in to be sure everyone is on time and on track. Outside of the meetings we’ll send you weekly doses of Optio wisdom that we encourage you to read and apply to your call that week. These emails will take you less than 2 minutes to process and apply.


What if I can’t stand my Accountability Partner? Am I stuck with this whacko the whole time?

Yes and No. We ask that you give your partner a chance. You were paired for a reason. But if you really just are NOT a good fit (hey – we’re not perfect… not every match was made in Heaven, ya know), we will work with you to find a partner that DOES meet your needs based on additional information we collect from you during the beginning of your quarter. And as a side note: we’ve discovered the MOST growth from the partnerships that rub one another the wrong way. Remember: growth only happens OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. She makes you feel uncomfortable? Maybe that means you’re on the verge of a breakthrough!


What if I don’t want an Accountability Partner 365 days a year, but I want to be part of a community that supports women and holds one another accountable on a broader scale?

You asked for it, and we heard you. Some ladies are all get up and go all the time. Some of us need a breather in between. Well – whether you’re a sprinter or a marathoner, we want to make room for you in our community, so we’ve developed membership options for both ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’ pairings. If you’re ‘Inactive’ – you can still participate in the community, and have access to our online support groups/resources, but you won’t receive our weekly wisdoms, challenges, or be actively paired with another member. If you have more questions about what this looks like, you can email:

Do I need to have a specific goal in mind when I sign up?

Nope. You can. But it’s absolutely, totally ok to break into this community with NO CLUE what you want to do. Believe me, girlfriend, you’re not alone. SO MANY of us still don’t know what we want to be ‘when we grow up,’ let alone the specific goal we need to conquer this quarter that’s going to help get us there. That’s a huge part of what Optio is all about. Self discovery. Find out what you were put on this Earth to do – and then make the earth shake with how awesome you do it.


What if my goal changes mid-quarter?

No worries, friend. It happens. A lot of what Optio does is serve as a mirror – we point out blindspots. It’s amazing how many of us go through life thinking we NEED to do one particular thing. It’s so easy to fall into auto pilot. But when we sit down, carve out space and allow time to wash over us we frequently realize that the ‘one’ thing we thought was so essential isn’t really important to us at all! That auto pilot is driving you toward a cliff, friend. Pivot. Pivot fast! And pivot with a Guided Accountability Partner that has your best interest at heart and is holding space for you to access the best version of yourself.


Do I get matched the moment I select “JOIN”?

No way, Jose. When you join Optio you go through a Guided Accountability Training program. It’s all online and super easy to access and digest. There are a series of slides that are designed to be absorbed visually OR audibly – like a podcast. If you want – you can block out a solid morning, speed right through, and choose to be matched by the afternoon. It’s entirely up to you how fast you move through the program. We suggest taking in each piece of the training and allowing it to digest before choosing to be paired. Optio pairings are an honor and a commitment. Sort of like a short-term marriage. But way cheaper to dissolve. Ha.


Is there a limited window in which I need to join?

Yes. We are only open for enrollment TWICE a year. So – if you see a slot: GRAB IT! 


How long will I need to wait for my perfect accountability partner?

Thus far, we’ve sustained consistent, reliable growth and been able to match members to their ideal accountability partners within a week of joining. Trust us – women are on the edge of their office chairs and yoga balls just waiting to connect with you.


When I’m matched – is there a guide for how to guide my partner? How do they know how to guide me?

Yes. Optio believes in proven systems and frameworks. When you join, you’ll be granted access to our Guided Accountability partner course. We require you complete that course before you are paired with another member. The course is the same for all personality types – but the content you receive from us throughout your quarter is customized based on your specific personality types. We want you to get the most out of your interactions with your partner and with Optio. Trust us… it’s good stuff.


Do you need to know about our personalities if we’re self-matched?

Yes. Although the printed planner and Guided Accountability course are created for all personality types – the email prompts, triggers, and challenges you’ll receive from Optio throughout the quarter are very much based on your personalities. These emails will provide you with insights into your partner that you wouldn’t normally uncover. Even if you’ve been besties since you were 2.


What can I expect from Optio once I’m matched with my partner? How present will you be?

If you’re an ‘inactive’ member – as in, you’re not engaged in an active pairing: you can expect to receive our newsletter, awesome YouTube tips and tricks for holding yourself accountable and access to our bad ass community of women.

If you’re an active member in an active pairing – you’ll receive weekly wisdoms with the community theme for that week and a lot of real, raw advice on not just surviving, but thriving in this world as women. You’ll also have your weekly communication with your partner, and we’ll hook you up with Voxer access to your partner and our community so if you need ‘real time’ feedback, like, NOW – you can get it.


Do you have an affiliate program?

We do. But we require members to complete the training and one full quarter before they put it into place. If you meet these requirements send me an email directly:, and I’ll get you on our affiliate list. We would love to have you!


I run a small business and I’d like a system to hold my entire team accountable. What do I do?

We have systems in place for small teams and would love to onboard you. The process is ever so slightly different – but you can start by emailing:

I’m HR at a large corporation and feel like said corporation could benefit from this level of accountability. How can I get management on board?

Talk to us! We would love to help you help your board understand the tangible benefits of Guided Accountability. We have a team that can assist you here and we are eager to come alongside you on this journey to building a better, stronger, company. (and by the way – You go, Girl! Way to represent!)

How, Where and When do I talk to this magical accountability partner?

HOW: We have developed a unique, trademarked calendar system designed specifically for Optio pairings. We match and connect you – you plug in your availability and BAM! It’s like Magic.

WHERE: Optio has it’s own private video conference line. We’ll send you a unique and secure link for your conversation in your calendar invite. Just pour yourself a cup of coffee… or wine… and slide on up to your laptop. Game on.

WHEN: You’ll meet with your partner once a week this way for a total of 13 weeks. The exact time of the meeting will be determined by the two of you.

If I join and I’m unsatisfied, how hard is it to quit?

If you are not in an active pairing you can cancel your Optio membership in 3 simple clicks (or just shoot us an email and we’ll click for you). If you ARE in an active pairing – we ask that you do your best to stick it out to complete your quarter. But we understand that sometimes life happens and this just isn’t possible. If that’s the case, please email me, directly: We take our pairings very seriously and I want to be able to ensure a smooth, happy transition for both you and your partner.

What if I have a question that isn’t listed above?

Please email me, personally: I’ll get you the answer you’re searching for or find the person who can. AND – it will probably makes it way onto this handy, dandy FAQ page for future ladies to encounter at a later date. So: thank you in advance!

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