You. Are. A. Rockstar.
But you’re also pretty stuck.

You’ve had moments where you could swear you’re related to Wonder Woman,
but you haven’t felt that for a while. You feel like you’ve hit a plateau. At first it seemed like just a slow week. But that week turned into several weeks, then months. You have a sneaking suspicion it’s some uncovered limiting belief, but you can’t seem to crack the case…or your frustration.


Do any of these sound like you?

  • Your list of Abandoned Projects is longer than your grocery list

  • You frequently feel like time is waging war against you and there simply are not enough hours in the day

  • Your spark is still there – but you’re finding it harder and harder to fan the flames on your own.

  • You know you’re on the brink of something BIG, but something’s standing in your way (and you have a hunch that ‘something’ might be you…) 

Imagine a world where...


You had the perfectly matched accountability partner that knew exactly how to support you in reaching (and even exceeding) your current goals.


There was someone who could give you a push when you need it and give you an entirely new perspective when you don’t even realize it’s just what you need.


You could do the same for them – doubling your feelings of success, gratitude, clarity and confidence.


You felt fulfilled, free and balanced. A world where you know, in your core, that you are fulfilling your life’s purpose on this planet.

Ultimately if you…

  • Have Oprah-sized dreams but keep settling for a local cable station reality

  • Know you are meant for ‘more’ –but still don’t know what that looks like for you

  • Have a deep-seeded passion, but get stuck in your to-do list instead of making quantum leaps toward your vision

  • Know what you need to do, but haven’t found the system to reach (and maintain!) your success

  • Are tired of people who are supposed to be on your team, and in your corner: flaking out, falling short, being full of excuses…

Then you, my Love, have come to the right place.

Hi! My Name’s Charlena. I’m the Founder of the Optio movement.

I’m here to tell you about Optio and what makes us different from anything you’ve experienced…

Maybe you’ve had accountability partners before. Or maybe you’ve found plenty of success on your own. Either way, there’s something powerful that happens when you engage in an invested partnership dedicated to moving each other forward.

It’s an intentionally symbiotic relationship unlike any other we would create organically in our lives.
Optio’s magical matching formula is designed to create partnerships that enrich not only the area’s of your Life Wheel (business,family, health, etc) but to gain perspective: allowing you to experience the world through windows that would typically remain unseen.
Guided Accountability allows for the opportunity to grow not only your profits but yourself as a person, unleashing unlimited potential!
We strongly believe that authentic connection changes lives. And changing individual lives for the better is the next right step in changing the world for the better.
If we just keep taking the next right step, together, we can do the impossible.
THAT’s why I created Optio. 

Our Process

Identify the box you’ve been living in

Learn about your personality, how it may have limited you in the past, and how you can use it to your advantage in the future.

Become an Accountability Guru

We’ll teach you HOW to be an Impactful Guided Accountability partner, and how to receive guidance that can change the trajectory of your life.

Get Matched with YOUR person

We’ll find your person. The person you’ve been waiting for. She’s out there. And you better believe she’s going to bring out the absolute best in you. And you, in her.

Just Do It

You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? Well… You’re going to do them.

Impact and be Impacted

Optio’s Guided Accountability framework will enable you, not only to empower yourself and your partner, but your community and the world around you.

What Our Members Say


  1. Make you feel more excited and confident about the life you’re leading and who you are.
  2. Maximize your time so you’re doing things you actually “want” to do in your life.
  3. Help you get crystal clear on your authentic values.
  4. Introduce you to the most amazing accountability partner you could ever dream of.
  5. Introduce you to a whole online village of rockstar women who can’t wait to cheer you on.
  6. Give you 13 weeks of BFF time with ‘your person’ (your Guided Accountability partner) that will lead to quantum growth spurts.
  7. Get you immediate access to world-class curriculum modules that teaches you the secrets of the most successful individuals in the world – everything from effective goal setting – to impactful environments
  8. Show you how to create (and actually USE!) powerful affirmations to change your life.
  9. Guarantee an overall average of a 96% success rate on completing ANY goal (no kidding… what are you waiting for?

Wouldn’t it be so worth it?!?

It’s been proven that by making an investment in Optio, and following our proven Guided Accountability system, you increase the odds of reaching your goals by 95%

Are you ready to achieve your own dreams and impact someone’s life?

  • Optio’s Optimized Matching Algorithm
  • $450

    per month (or $1,200 one time payment)
  • Includes access to Optio's TradeMarked matching algorithm to find YOUR ideal accountability partner (THIS is where REAL growth happens)
  • Includes access to Optio's private matching calendar system that will allow you and your partner to effortlessly sync calendars and share accountability events
  • Access to Optio's Guided Accountability Training
  • Receive Optio's Welcome Kit which includes Optio's Guided Accountability Planner and a few other bells and whistles to create the ideal accountability scenario ($55 value)
  • Welcomed into Optio's exclusive members only community online

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Enter your email so we can notify you when we are getting ready to launch these programs!